Strokestown 150918


This parkrun has a small car park close to the start line, but this car park may fill up quickly, and so it may be necessary to park on the street outside the park in the centre of Strokestown. If you want to travel by public transport the Ballina to Dublin bus gets in before the start of the run at 8:00 am. There are toilets available near the start line but there are no changing facilities.


This run is made up of three laps of a figure of eight type course, where, from the start you go out in one direction, come back to the start line and go in the opposite direction, and then come back to the start line to complete the lap. The course is mostly paved, with parts of light gravel. At one point there are some large stones to go across so watch your step here. The course is mostly flat and sheltered so this may be a good place to attempt a PB, though there are two u-turns on the lap that will slow you down. The park itself is the grounds of an old Georgian country mansion, which is still in very good condition. There are open fields and a small woods which the run route goes through.


The all important post run coffee can be had at the cafe next to the start line. There are also a variety of breakfast options here.

X Factor

There is a lot to do and see at this park with the National Famine Museum located on site, along with tours of the mansion and some nice gardens also.

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