Mungret 080918


This event has lots of parking with two car parks at the park. There is also a bus service that runs from Limerick city that stops close to the park. There is a paid public toilet available near the lower car park.


This is a simple four lap course on a paved surface around the whole park. There is a bit of climbing to do. The climb itself is not too bad, but considering you have to go it four times, it does take it’s toll. Also, on a lapped course like this for every ascent there is a descent. In this case the descent is quite steep, so, take care on your way down. The park mainly consists of an open field, with a nice border of mature trees.


Coffee is had at a cafe in the buildings of the old college. It is the perfect place for a hearty breakfast after your run.

X Factor

This run takes place on the grounds of what was Mungret college, an old boarding school. Many’s the young student would have passed through its doors over the years, and are probably spread now all over the world. It is striking to think of the influence this place would have had on all their lives.

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