Omagh 031118


There are lots of local bus services around Omagh town and the Intercity bus from Dublin to Letterkenny gets in on time for parkrun, so there is no excuse not to take public transport to this event. The run location is a short distance from the bus stop. If public transport is not an option however, it is possible to drive, and there are plenty of spaces available. Toilets are available at the leisure centre next to the start line, but there are no changing facilities.


The run is made up of two laps of the course, with the course being kind of shaped like a figure of eight, but with three loops, if you know what I mean. There is a fair amount of climbing to do, with one quite steep pinch which must be covered twice. The route is mostly paved. The park is a tranquil place, secluded from sounding roads, and with many mature trees, shrubbery, open fields and with a river running alongside the park.


Post run coffee is had in the leisure centre next to the start line.

X Factor

There is a fairly unusual running track at this parkrun. I’m not quite sure what the surface was made out of, but it’s worth having a look. Omagh is also the site of one of the worst atrocities of the Troubles. Those events are important to remember as they provide a good perspective for the magnificent progress made by the peace process in Northern Ireland.


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