Wallace 241118


There is great connectivity to this parkrun by public transport, with the park located right next to the town train station and with a good local bus service. There is not a lot of parking available at the park, and spaces get taken up quickly as other park users gather. I didn’t see any toilet or changing facilities at the park.


This event is made up of three big laps and one small lap around the park. You start off on the small lap but don’t complete it until after completing the three big laps. The route is paved throughout. There is a hill in the park which you come across on the big lap, and since you do this three times there is a fair bit of climbing here. There is lots of activity in the park, with people coming to use the football pitches, playgrounds and the cricket pitch in summer time.


The parkrun volunteers supply post run coffee at the bandstand near the finish line.

X Factor

The value of a good park is plain to be seen at this event with so much going on. It was great to see so many people out and active early on a Saturday morning.

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