Tyrrelstown 011218


There is a small car park available at this parkrun, so public transport may be a better option to travel here. The run is located at the edge of Dublin but is a well populated area and has a regular bus service, and can be easily reached on foot by local residents. If you are driving to this parkrun however, just a slight note on directions if using Google maps: better to aim for the GAA club as aiming for the Community centre will bring you to the wrong side of the community centre where there is no parking.


The course is made up of three laps around the park, with a short spur at the end to the finish line. The course is easy to follow, with just two non-obvious turns which are either signposted or marshalled. The route is almost entirely flat with just a very short pinch at the far end of the lap, and is all paved, so this would be a great parkrun to attempt a PB. The park itself is open, with a nice pond at the far end.


After the run parkrunners go for a coffee in the community centre.

X Factor

Tyrrelstown is a new suburb of Dublin, which is evident in the large purpose built  community facilities and the densely built houses. It is interesting to compare this area to the older parts of Dublin.

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