Glen River 291218


There is a small car park available next to this park just north of Cork city centre. If this car park is full up there are two larger car parks available a few minutes away. Being in the city though, bus may be a better option to get to this parkrun. Toilets are available in the resource centre close to the start line, but no changing facilities.


This run is made up of a three lap course, the first being a shorter lap and the next two being longer loops. There is a contra flow in operation at the far end of the bigger lap, so keep to the left. The surface is a mixture between paving and gravel. The topography of the park is fairly dramatic, as the river through the centre of the park has cut a deep valley in the landscape. This means that there is a good bit of climbing to do at this run as you go from the riverside to the top of the valley. There are lots of mature trees and greenery in the park, and given the layout it is quite peaceful in the centre of the park, with little noise contamination from the surrounding city.


Parkrunnners enjoy coffee at the resource centre after the run

X Factor

This is the first parkrun to operate in Cork city for a long time and it is great to see it spread to the real capital. For fans of the Young Offenders it is a lot of fun to be in the north city and try to decipher what the locals are saying through their lyrical accents.

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