Portrush 010119


There is a huge car park available next to the start line for this parkrun, so there should be no problem getting parking at this time of the year at least. It is right next to a popular beach however, so during summertime it may be busier. Public transport isn’t really a viable option as far as I am aware. There are toilets available close to the start line, but no changing facilities


This is a simple course to follow, being just a straightforward out and back along the shoreline of Portrush beach. Of course the surface is sand all the way, which can make for a hard run, but if the tide is out the sand near the water can be quite compact and easier to run on. The run is flat but is open to the elements, so wrap up if the weather is less than ideal. The scenery along the run is spectacular with the north Antrim coast in full view. The sound of crashing waves also adds to the atmosphere.


Every week parkrunnners enjoy post  run coffee in a nearby cafe.

X Factor

This parkrun is one of a rare breed of beach runs and this reason alone makes it a special parkrun.

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