Killarney House 170819


Located in the centre of Killarney, this parkrun is very easy to get to and I would encourage locals to walk cycle or run to this event. For those coming from further afield, there is a large car park available in the town centre, but it is paid parking. There are buses and trains to Killarney but few get into Killarney before run time so would necessitate an overnight stay. There are toilets available at the car park, but no changing facilities.


This is a fast, flat course so perfect for a PB attempt. If going for a PB there are some things to keep in mind. Firstly, this is a lapped run, so you may encounter slower runners as you go around. Secondly, there are a few corners on the course which have trees and shrubs growing at the apex of the corner. If you are running hard and keeping tight to the inside of the corner take care not to hit your head off a branch. The entire course is paved, and for those that are having a more leisurely run there are fantastic sights to be seen around the course, be it the manicured lawns and dense flower beds in the park or the MacGillycuddy Reeks in the distance.


There is a deal on a coffee and a scone in a nearby hotel where parkrunnners can go and relax after their morning run.

X Factor

Ever since Queen Victoria holidayed in Killarney in 1861 it has been a hub for tourism. This is not surprising given the incredible natural beauty of the place and the warm welcome of the locals.

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