Nairin Beach 240819


Car is the most feasible option for getting to this parkrun, it being located on the west coast of Donegal, there are no public transport options. There is a good sized car park though. There are public toilets available but no changing facilities.


The course is a two Km out and back followed by a 500 metre out and back along the same route. The surface as you might have guessed is all sand; depending on the tide this means that there will be areas of the beach where the sand is more compacted and areas where it is soft. Aim for the compacted sand, as soft sand is very hard to run on. The scenery along the route is fantastic, though very difficult to capture on camera unfortunately. I guess you’ll just have to go there to see it for yourself.


Coffee is had in a small beach hut at the back of the car park. Sit back, relax, enjoy the views and the sea air.

X Factor

This is one of only a handful of beach parkruns in Ireland. There is something about running along a beach that brings you back to your youth that is special. This is a very enjoyable run.

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