Salento 140919


This parkrun is located in a nature reserve in the southern Italian countryside near the city of Lecce. There is no public transport to this run so it would be necessary to drive if you plan to visit. There is a car park right next to the start line. A toilet is also available nearby.


This is a flat course made up of two clockwise laps around the park, part of the lap bring made up of an out and back section. Although it is flat this may not be the place for a PB, as it is very hot here. But if you like running in the heat then go for it. Watch your step as you go around though as the path is a little uneven in places, it being a trail path. The surrounding area is nice with lots of unusual plants and lots of olive trees.


There is no cafe here so the volunteers bring coffee and cake for after the run. It is very enjoyable to sit and chat with the other parkrunnners.

X Factor

I’m sure there are plenty of parkruns that take place in warm locations, but running in such heat was definitely a novelty for me and I very much enjoyed it. It can get up to the high thirties here in the summer. Other than that I was very impressed and grateful for the welcome offered to me by the parkrun community here in Salento.

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