Kashiwanoha 191019


This parkrun is located far into the north eastern suburbs of Tokyo. Luckily, it is fairly easy to get to using the pervasive public transport in Tokyo. There also seemed to be car parks at the park if anybody needed to drive there. There are toilets available all over the park, but none very close to the start line.


This is a three lap course, on an entirely paved and flat surface. Perfect for a PB attempt. Marshals or signposts will show you where to go. The park itself has lots of nice features like ponds and tree groves and a road garden.


Parkrunnners gather at the nearby train station for post run coffee

X Factor

It is fantastic to visit another country and have the opportunity to do parkrun. The fact that it has spread to Tokyo demonstrates its enduring popularity. Running around the park with all its greenery on a wet morning as it was, felt very familiar, which was crazy in a way since this was the far side of the globe. The world is so big yet so small.

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