Hasenheide 131121


This parkrun is located in south central Berlin and is easy to get to as it is well serviced by public transport in the city. For anyone that would need to drive to this parkrun, parking is limited and probably not advised. There are no changing facilities or toilets nearby.


The route for this parkrun is a little difficult to describe. There are two separate inner loops within a greater outer loop. At any rate, the route is well signposted and easy to follow. There are several undulations throughout the course, which make for fun running but this probably would not be the run to attempt a PB. The route is paved throughout, with broad footpaths. The park itself is very nice, with large mature groves, large fields and is isolated from traffic.


I didn’t on this occasion have a chance to visit the post-run coffee, but parkrunners gather in a nearby cafe after the run. Join them for all the running chats.

X Factor

Berlin is an incredible city with such character and fascinating history. This alone would be enough to make this a special parkrun, but there is another reason why this parkrun will stick out in my mind. While running around the park my bank card fell out of my pocket; obviously a distressing situation. As I crossed the finish line, however, I heard a volunteer calling out my name. A parkrunner had seen my card, picked it up and returned it to the organisers. I was overjoyed and hugely impressed by the kindness and generosity of the card finder. Thank you to my unknown helper.

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