Edwin Carolan Community 201121


This parkrun is located in the village of Mullagh in county Cavan. Mullagh is serviced by the 108 bus route which runs from Kells to Bailieboro, though from Bailieboro the bus arrives just at 09:30, making it tight for the parkrun start. There is a large car park at the site and the run is within walking distance for local residents. There are toilets near the start line, but no changing facilities.


This run consists of four laps around the course. A lapped run can often impact one’s mentality during a run, either positively or negatively, because it is very easy to tell what distance has been covered and what is left. It depends on mood and how you feel physically but I would recommend a progression run for a lapped course, i.e. start off slow and increase tempo as you go. This helps to create a positive mindset and ‘attack’ the run. The course is very flat and mostly consists of light gravel. It has a figure of eight shape and so has many right angle turns, so if you are running fast take a wide berth to keep up momentum. The run is located on the grounds of a sports facility where there are plans for a running track and football pitches. There is a nice stream next to the path at the far end of the course.


Coffee is had on site at the clubhouse next to the course I believe. I didn’t have the opportunity to join on this occasion unfortunately.

X Factor

I finished in first place at this run, which was nice of course, but I am not a fast runner. The fact that I finished in first place just goes to show that parkrun is for everyone, not just the elite runners, and this run is a real community effort which is great to see.

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