Dunleath Playing Fields 230722


This parkrun is located almost in the center of the historic town of Downpatrick, and so is easily accessible for local residents. For tourists, local buses from all directions stop directly opposite the parkrun location. There is a small car park next to the park, but a larger car park next to the adjacent leisure centre. There are toilets available in the changing rooms next to the parkrun, but unfortunately the changing rooms were locked when I was there.


The course consists of three laps around the playing fields. The first lap is slightly shorter than the second two as the first lap has a small shortcut. Marshalls are on hand to show you where to go though. The route is mostly flat, with a small incline at the far end of the course. The path is a mixture of paved and very light gravel. I would say 60/40 gravel/paving. The park itself is made up of a number of playing fields and a small more manicured area at the far end.


After the run volunteers supply water, cordial and some treats which was very welcome indeed on the warm summer’s day that I did this run.

X Factor

Downpatrick is a very old town with a fascinating history with lots of influences from the ancient Irish, Irish clans and the Normans. I had a little time before the run to read some of the tourist information around the town which I enjoyed. And above all, Downpatrick is probably best known as the reputed burial place of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick.

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