Derrynoid 200822


This parkrun is located in rural County Tyrone and so is not accessible by public transport. There is also limited parking so it would be advisable to arrive early to get a space. Note that car parked around the old college building must depart by 10:45. Cycling is always an option for those that live close by. There are no toilet or changing facilities at this parkrun.


This run is made up of three laps of a simple loop course. It goes anti-clockwise, so just keep turning left. The surface is almost entirely light gravel. There is a reasonable incline towards the end of the lap, and since you have to do it three times there is a good bit of climbing altogether on this run. Climbing the hill is energy sapping so pace yourself going up there. The run takes place in a mature forest and it is lovely to run there. I am a big fan of forest runs. The trees are cooling in the Summer and provide shelter in the Winter.


Being a rural parkrun there is no cafe nearby, but the local village has some cafes where breakfast and coffee can be had.

X Factor

As I said above, I am a big fan of forest runs, and this is a great example. It is really nice to run here. While running here I was also struck by the amount of parkruns in Ulster. There are many locations there and still new ones appearing. I would love to see a map of density of parkruns by population. I’m sure the figures for Ulster would be very high, again testament to the popularity of parkrun.

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