Fethard Town 121122


This location has ample parking for those choosing to drive. Fethard Town is serviced by a bus but please check timetables to ensure arrival before the start. There are no toilets available at this run.


This run is made up of three laps around the playing fields and adjacent agricultural field. The surface is a mixture of paving and light gravel. It is mostly flat and although there are some 90 degree turns the path is wide, so this may be a good location to attempt a PB. The location is remote, being on the outskirts of the town which makes for a peaceful run.


The town has some nice looking cafes. Unfortunately I didn’t get to sample them all, but was happy with my choice.

X Factor

There is a lot of history in Fethard, it being a medieval town. On the way to the park you go through an old city gate which, amazingly, still has the marks of the wickerwork used to build the arch on the plaster 500 years or so after it was built.

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