Limepark Playing Fields 221022


This is a rural parkrun and is served by a local bus but the most advisable mode of transport would be a car and there is ample car parking space at the venue. The venue is the site of two pitches and there are temporary toilets which I believe are accessible to parkrunners.


This run takes place over a small geographical area and the route involves several switchbacks and different loops to make the most of the space. Because of this it may not be the best place to attempt a PB despite the relative flatness of the course. The surface is mostly grass, great for sore knees, and the remainder is coarse gravel. The route is relatively complicated but is well sign posted and marshals are on hand to guide you in the right direction.


Coffee is had at a cafe in the nearby village where a decent breakfast can also be found.

X Factor

As always I like to see local organisations sharing facilities for the good of the public and this community support is on display here. Also, for fans of Game of Thrones, the Dark Hedges are very close to this venue so a small detour can be made to go and see those.

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