Ecos 110818


There is plenty of car parking available at this park on the outskirts of Ballymena town. Public transport will not get you to the park in time for the start of the run, however. There are toilets available in the visitor centre near the start line, or alternatively in the temporary cabins used by the volunteers. You may also be able to get changed in here.


The course is like a figure of eight, where you go off in one loop, come back to the start line, and then go off in another loop. The route is paved throughout, but if you want to get s good time I would advise starting as close to the front as you can as the path narrows very quickly. A fast time is very attainable in this mostly flat course, there are however a lot of 90 degree turns which may slow you down. The park itself is a nature reserve with lots of wild flora and fauna to be seen.


Coffee is normally had in the visitor centre, but if this is not available a location is set up close to the temporary cabins.

X Factor

Ballymena is the home place of many well known people, including a certain ex bodyguard with a very particular set of skills, acquired over a long career. Slemish Hill is also close by, reportedly the first Irish homeplace of St Patrick.

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