Plean 180818


The easiest way to get to this rural parkrun is by car, and helpfully then, there is a large car park available at the site. Public transport is an option, though I am not sure if you can get a bus to the event on time for the run. There are toilet facilities next to the car park, but no changing facilities.


This run is made up of three loops, each in a different direction and of decreasing size. This means that once you have completed the first loop you know that the next two won’t be as long, which is a nice mindset to be in as you run around the course. The path is mostly earthen, so it can get very muddy in wet weather, but this just adds to the fun of it. The path is quite uneven in places with tree roots and large stones jutting out of the ground, so keep an eye of where you are putting your feet. You will also need to keep an eye of what is ahead of you as there are many low hanging branches and trees in the middle of the path that will mean you have to change direction. All in all then, not a minute to think as you run around this course. There are some substantial climbs and downhill sections on the course, so this is not the parkrun to post a fast time, but it is a very enjoyable run. The surroundings are very pleasant also, with large mature trees, and there is an interesting history to the park, with much signage outlining the different features of the place.


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the parkrunners for a post run coffee, but I believe that it is had at a local cafe.

X Factor

I think the course at this parkrun is something special. At times running through the woods, where there is no real path, you can feel almost primal, as if you are on the hunt for wild game, or running to some ancient Celtic battleground. Let your imagination run wild.

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