Antrim 250818


This run has a large car park near the start line, but the park itself is centrally located in Antrim town and so would be easily accessed by foot or by bike. There is public transport to Antrim town, and the main station is ten minutes from the park. Toilets are available close to the start line also.


This is a very flat course and so is a good place to attempt a PB. The path is a mixture between paved and light gravel surfaces. It is a lollipop shaped course, with a two lap loop in the middle of an out and back section. The park surroundings are very nice; the formal water features being a real highlight.


There is a cafe close to the start/finish line with a wide variety of breakfast or pastry items if you feel like treating yourself after the run.

X Factor

This is one of the most well maintained parks I have been too and it is a real pleasure to walk around and enjoy the attractive gardens. Any park with such a long history wouldn’t be complete however without a decent ghost story and Antrim Castle park does not disappoint. Rumour has it that a ghostly horse drawn carriage can be seen disappearing into the canal every May 31st, the anniversary of a tragic accident in the 18th century.

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