Illaunmanagh 300722


This parkrun is accessible from Ennis and Limerick with a frequent service on the 343 bus. This form of transport is advisable to help cut down on emissions. Cycling is also a great option. For those who have to drive, there is a good sized car park near the start line. This car park is at the rugby club, where there are changing facilities and toilets.


This run is made up of what I call a lollipop course: an out an back with a loop at the end. The route is a mixture of light gravel and paving and is fairly flat. The run goes along by the Shannon Estuary so there are nice views to be had along the route. It is also very quiet, which is always pleasant and is surprising given this run is close to the town.


Coffee and breakfast can be had at the cafe at the local GAA club, a short walk from the car park at the rugby club.

X Factor

This parkrun makes use of facilities which already exist at the local rugby club and it is great to see this cooperation between clubs. Shannon has an interesting history and architecture being a recently planned town, very much a product of the 20th century and the dominance of the automobile.

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